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Dear reader:

I am pleased to present the 11th Edition of Directorio Turístico de Cuba (Tourist Guide to Cuba), a required reading for professionals working in the tourism sector, containing useful information for travelers and communicators.

This Guide facilitates access to Cuba and the discovery of a hospitable, healthy and safe country, whose history and the human quality of its people, along with its beaches, seabeds, patrimonial cities, landscapes and biodiversity, make it a very special place. This is a country of racial contrasts, where the white, Chinese and black races mixed to create the Cuban Creole, who has a natural gift for music, dance and happiness.

You will learn about the social development achieved during all these years of Revolution and the historic-cultural values treasured in our museums. You will also learn about the achievements in medicine, sport and education, because Cuba is a destination of peace, health and security, as Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro said during the inauguration of the Playa Pesquero Hotel on January 21, 2003.

This edition of Directorio Turístico de Cuba, an excellent collaborator to promote Cuban tourism and services, presents an updated list of hotels, restaurants, car rental offices, shops and nightclubs, among other services visitors will find upon arriving in Cuba.

A successful trip is that in which dreams come true and expectations and noble endeavors are met. Therefore, appropriate and timely information is fundamental.

Today we feel confident and we are pleased to share with you this fruitful range of opportunities that describes the facilities and beauty of our tourist destinations.

My greatest acknowledgement of Editorial Limusa and particularly the team that prepared the 11th Edition of Directorio Turístico de Cuba.

This compendium has been made for you, dear reader, and we are certain that it will be very useful while you prepare your trip to Cuba.

We wait for you here to share our happiness, our sun, our Caribbean land.

Yours truly,

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