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Marina Internacional Puerto de Vita, Marinas
Address: Carretera Guardalavaca km. 38. Rafael Freyre. Holguín.
Position: 21° 05'48" N, 75° 57'36" W
Berths: 38      Depth: 3 m
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Diving Zone Description
An attractive place with rocky cliffs that end abruptly to give way to white sandy beaches with exuberant vegetation of sea grapes, mangrove and coconut trees. Guardalavaca is located on the northeastern part of Cuba, on the Atlantic coast, refreshed all year around by the trade winds. Christopher Columbus landed on these beaches on his first trip to the New World more than 500 years ago, and they still keep their amazing charm and purity.

There is a 18-km. (11 miles) diving zone, with an irregular and complicated underwater structure that forms high hillocks, caves, small valleys and vertical wall cliffs. In other areas, the platform goes down softly and has wide gorgonian, sea fans and coral terraces. It is an attractive, charming and colorful coral reef, typical of the Caribbean Sea.

There is a lot to see in Guardalavaca’s seabed. Among the most attractive sites you can find is Coral Garden, which is in the coral reef and has impressive elkhorn, brain and column corals, typical sea fan prairies and thousands of small coral fish swimming in this colorful labyrinth. Other sites are Aquarium, which takes its name from the abundant sessile fauna and medium- and small-sized fish living in the high coral hillocks on a sandy bottom, and Sirena, a 40-meter-deep (131 feet) wall, covered with different kinds of sponges, gorgonians and black coral colonies; schools of chubs, yellowtail snappers, horse-eye jacks and lonely black groupers.

The diving sites are very close to the diving centers, so there are two diving sessions a day, in the morning and in the afternoon.

There are many activities, including nautical sports, boat excursions along the coast, visits to Cayo Saetía’s Natural Park, where you can enjoy a Caribbean tropical forest inhabited by species of the African savannas such as buffaloes, antelopes and deer. You can also travel to Cayo Naranjo, only four km. (2.5 miles) away, with its aquarium of tropical fish and shows of sea lions and dolphins.

In Guardalavaca Beach, the Eagle Ray Diving Center operates, and in Esmeralda Beach, the Sea Lovers Diving Center is located.

Guardalavaca can be easily reached by road from Holguín, where the nearest international airport is located, only 57 km. (36 miles) away.
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  • Laundry      
  • Parking lot      
  • Car rentals      
  • Lodging      
  • Port & migration authorities      
  • Diving Center      
  • Maintenance repairs      
  • Restaurant      
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  • Trips & excursions      
  • International communications      

  • Drinking water, electric current, fuel, shipchandler, oil-lubricants. International telephone, collective and private bathrooms, restaurant, waste collection. Boats for living on board for scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and excursions.

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